12519 Buckeye Road
Cleveland OH
(216) 921-6400
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To place public service above all else and to be ever mindful of the deep obligation for common good bestowed upon us by the profession we are engaged in.

To consider the welfare of those who come to us for aid as a matter of first importance and to let neither the wealth nor poverty of our patrons or their position in life influence to the slightest extent the achievement of every detail that is essential to perfection.

To hold every confidence inviolate and to refrain from adverting personal information so that those we serve may not be embarrassed by public knowlege of the amount expended to pay final tribute to love ones.

To achieve a perfect understanding of every need and to do everything possible to alleviate distress at the time of sorrow.

To extend compassionate,  professional and premier service that leaves behind beautiful and inspiring memories.

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