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Method of Payments    
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Method Of Payment


What Kind of Payment Options do we offer?

Funeral arrangements can be a difficult task and one for which many are not well prepared. One of the ways we accommodate families in this regard is to offer different payment options for the expenses involved.  Each family needs to consider which option best suits its needs.
1.    We accept checks or cash as a family prefers.
2.    We accept Visa or Master Card, Discover, American Express
and JCB  for all or part  of the funeral home charges.
3.    We accept payment from a prearranged accounts that has been established with  PrePlan or a local bank.
4.    Insurance assignment, with policy presented at the time of funeral arrangements.  We can assist the family with most insurance claims.

Financial arrangements other than the above need to be discussed and agreed upon prior to the conclusion of funeral arrangements.  It is not our policy to wait for payment from an Estate.  The beneficiaries of an Estate  and/or the individ
uals who engage us are expected to pay for all expenses, and they will be the first to be reimbursed from Estate assets.  It is our intention to assist each family any way we are able with these financial arrangements.

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